Looking for your competition’s backlinks?

In order to rank high on Google your website has to seem creditable in Google’s eyes. One way Google does this is by checking the backlinks on your website. Backlinks are links that leave the original page you are on to go to another website. Not all backlinks are equal. Some backlinks have a higher trust factor and some backlinks have a more authority than other backlinks. Chances are your competition has valuable backlinks and these are the top four ways to find your competition’s backlinks:

Step up alerts
There are certain software programs that actually tell you where your competition’s backlinks are coming from. Some of the top 5 marketing research programs are Ahrefs, Serpstat, SEMrush, MajesticSEO, and SEO powersuite. With these tools you can set up weekly alerts to see when your competitors have added new links on their website.

Look for guest post
Guest post has always been a gold standard for backlinks. For many years this has been the best way for new businesses to get their name out and give their websites some creditability. Your competition mostly likely have used guest post to get their own business off the ground. Try to google search their author page or if they have a picture of the CEO or founder on their website, use a reverse image search.

Search for their shared post
If you are facing strong competition who they are sharing their content too. Chances are your competition has multiple copies of their content and they are sharing it with several websites. Find out what content gets the most clicks and improve on it. Then share your content to the people who are getting your competitors content.

Repair a broken link
Have you ever been driving and ended up at a dead end? Well that’s a broken link. A broken link is a link that doesn’t lead to anything when you click it. Broken links do not add value to a website so if you offer a website owner to fix their link they would be more than happy to let you add value to their site.