Turning to a LA Criminal Defense Law Firm When a Juvenile Has Been Accused of a Crime

When a juvenile has been accused of a crime, their entire future could be in jeopardy. This is even truer if the charges result in a conviction. Sometimes, a juvenile delinquency case can follow a person for the rest of their life. This is why it is so important for parents to turn to a LA criminal defense law firm if their child gets arrested. Here are some reasons why it is important as well as some items that could be helpful.

Records Expunged

An attorney will work to ensure that the records are properly expunged when juvenile offenders become adults. This is when they essential erase the offense so that this isn’t hanging over their head when they try to get a job, apply for college, and build a life moving forward. Those that don’t turn to a professional find that these old crimes make these tasks almost impossible.

Better Outcome

Sometimes, it seems that prosecutors are motivated to punish young offenders as harshly as possible. However, an attorney committed to the family’s welfare will push for rehabilitation measures and do everything possible to see that the consequences of juvenile crimes is less severe. Those parents that attempt to navigate through this process alone find that it is overwhelming. This is why securing a legal professional will increase the odds of achieving the best possible outcome for the child’s case and the family as a whole.

Important Documents

Try to put your hands on any documentation of positive achievements by the child. This can be certificates, certificates of achievement and things of this nature. Next, get a copy of the child’s report card. The better the grades, the better the impression it will make on the court. Probation will typically ask for this item whether it is volunteered or not.

Many times, juvenile judges will want to know if anyone can vouch for the child’s character. This is where reference letters come in. Go ahead and reach out to teachers, employers, neighbors, the church, etc. If a few of these are able to help, this will provide a balanced viewpoint of the child.

Those that are facing a situation with their child can turn to the Law Offices of Daniel R. Perlman. The child’s freedom and future may depend on what the parents do today. They practice exclusively in criminal defense in order to provide their clients with the representation they deserve.

4 Things to Know About Workplace Harassment Claims

Workplace sexual harassment is an issue that exists in most workers’ periphery; while they’re aware that it’s a problem, most people aren’t equipped to deal with it. Below are several things to know before filing a claim or hiring a lawyer.

Workplace Rules and State Laws May Differ

Statutes and workplace rules may differ significantly in wording and intent. While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act doesn’t specifically address workplace harassment, the Supreme Court has ruled that severe, pervasive harassment is a violation of the law. However, employers’ definitions of sexual harassment may be more narrow, and an employee could violate workplace rules without violating state law.

Speak Up or Put it in Writing

If someone feels uncomfortable because of another employee’s actions or words, they should first send a letter or voice their concerns to that person. By getting things in writing, a plaintiff can start a paper trail that documents the harassment. Many of these cases end up with one person’s word against another person’s, and written records can provide valuable proof.

Employers Must Remain Impartial

Company owners and bosses must stay impartial for the company’s, the accused’s, and the accuser’s sake. To resolve complaints, a company’s HR department will question the plaintiff, the defendant, witnesses, and supervisors. An HR representative may look into the plaintiff’s and defendant’s personnel records, email accounts, and other forms of written documentation. Such investigations must be completely unbiased, as they affect both sides’ reputations.

Some Claims Don’t Have the Expected Outcome

Not all claims end as the plaintiff would expect. Many employees are concerned that a complaint will not be addressed, or that they’ll be forced to work in a hostile environment. Some people may prefer to stay in their current position but be paired with a different supervisor or colleague. Depending on the company’s size and the nature of the investigation, such changes may be easy to make.

If a claimant is dissatisfied with the results of an internal investigation, or if the employer does not take the right steps to address the claim, there are other options available. Consult a Sacramento Harassment Attorney to learn more about those options or to file a harassment lawsuit.