The Nature of Franchising

Many people have been considering owning and managing their own business. Getting into business is their way of achieving their financial goals and needs. Some are also considering getting into the franchising field.

What is franchising? It is the method of entering a franchise agreement wherein two parties agree to do business with contractual provisions. The setting would be, one party has an idea of the business while the second party will do the business of the other party and pay for its name and reputation.

Many prefer franchising than setting up their own name. That is because they do benefit from it. One benefit it provides is the speed of expansion that one may get once he has entered the franchising world. There is already a brand image since the company will have one common system that will be followed.

Franchisees may also enjoy from discounts on the supplies and raw materials needed in operating the business. Franchise networks buy in bulk, which makes more room for greater discounts among franchisees. Therefore, if the supplies and raw material are cheaper it will be easier to compete with other establishments.

There is also a greater opportunity for a higher profit. The return of investment is higher since the return of revenue will be lower. This means that the percentage of pure profit is higher.

Franchisees that are within the network are able to offer knowledge that has been learned based on their experiences in the field. This is a knowledge that is not learned in business schools. Getting connected with experienced franchisees can also help in expanding the business overseas where there are greater opportunities.

Here are some tips to consider when getting into the franchising business.

1. Franchising as a business is a different kind of business opportunity. It is only recommended that a person ask questions first before entering franchising. It is also advised to attend workshops and seminars before entering it. The person should gather enough information regarding the business he would like to franchise.

2. Seek some advice. When in workshops and seminars, the person should grab the opportunity to seek advice from those who have enough experience with franchising. Seminars are a good way to connect with many franchisees and they can help a lot in giving advices that is based on their experiences.

3. A person that is considering the franchise business should also beware of scams. People who enter this field should be aware of the pitfalls and challenges that may be encountered in the process. There may be many offers for franchise once they have learned that the person is interested in it. However, he should be careful enough in choosing which business to franchise. A research on the stabilty of a certain company is recommended. He can also try a background check of the person offering the deal.

4. The person should be able to learn lessons from past decisions made in this field. Lessons learned might not be from him but from others who have encountered wrong decisions. One major lesson that has been learned by franchisees is that big companies and brand names offer limited and flexible negotiations in the franchise system.

When entering into the franchise business, there will be a lot of opportunities for greater profit. However, one should also be prepared on the challenges that may be encountered. It is important that one is dedicated and prepared in order for the franchise business to be successful.

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The Unicity Business Opportunity And Bios Life Slim

Business opportunities come and go all the time. And the dream of making big money with a home based or an online business opportunity can seem far-fetched with so many programs fizzing out shortly after launching. In fact, there are more than 25 so-called “pre-launches” on a daily basis on the Internet alone. The razor-sharp reality is, there are more victims than success stories in the home based business and MLM industry.

Unicity is different. Why? Unicity is one of the few network marketing, home based business opportunities online today that actually have a long-standing history and a track record spanning over several years. Unicity was even quoted as possibly being the next Amway. And, comparable to what that would be worth today to have one single share of stock in the popular fast food chain McDonald’s from back when they first offered stock, we all know what happened to a lot of those people who joined Amway early and worked hard. Today they are probably sipping umbrella drinks under a shade tree on a tropical island somewhere in a remote part of the world and not worried about money!

That same trend is happening right now with Unicity, and it’s the perfect time to get involved. Although Unicity has been around for several years, most of the organization has been concentrated and has just recently started to expand throughout the rest of the population. And the best part is, Unicity is not a household name yet, which gives you an amazing opportunity to stake your claim before the rest of the world knows about it.

As you will surely find, Unicity has many incredible products. But the one that’s really exploding right now is the brand-new Bios Life Slim. This is the only weight-loss product on the market today that is clinically proven and scientifically tested to work. The testimonials are absolutely insane, as people are losing as much as 80 pounds and 13 inches or more in a very short time. This product does not attempt to speed up your heart rate or increase your metabolism as most of the unsafe weight-loss products have offered in the past. Instead, the all-new Bios Life Slim is consumed before or during a meal to prevent spikes in glucose levels.

The combination of Unicity and Bios Life Slim makes for a very potent success formula. The CEO of Unicity, Stuart Hughes, is quoted as saying “Ever since I became CEO back in January of 2006, I’ve been focused on delivering a product like this that could revolutionize your business… literally change everything for you a product like Slim comes along very rarely in a person’s business career. I’ve watched it happen a couple of times for other people. I’ve seen it happen for myself just once, and it literally changed my life forever. Slim can do the same for you.”

So if you are truly serious about finding the right business opportunity, whether it’s for an online business a home business or a local retail business, you should consider Unicity and the amazing Bios Life Slim product. And as mentioned earlier, Unicity has many more amazing products that could prove to be real game changers in the industry as time goes on. They feature products for anti-aging, bone and joint, digestive, heart health, homeopathic, immune system, women’s health, men’s health and a lot more. Get onboard and get started today!

Using an Encrypted PDF together with Online Fax offers HIPAA Compliant efax option for receiving inb

Using an Encrypted PDF together with Online Fax offers HIPAA Compliant efax option for receiving inbound fax with Protected Health Information

Source Kevin V. McQueen Online Fax and SaaS OCR Specialist

Transmitting and receiving fax utilizing an online fax program is very fast and productive from a user perspective; but can it be used when receiving Patient Health Information even while continuing to be HIPAA compliant? The answer is yes, if you utilize a fax solution with adobe acrobat features integrated into their fax platform.

The ins and outs

A new toll free number is provisioned and affiliated with your email address. So the moment somebody transmits you a fax, the document gets changed into a graphic by the fax server in the cloud and then delivered to your e-mail address. The scale produced by using online fax service offers never busy inbound fax service an extra benefit to your consumers. If HIPAA compliance is required, you can turn-on the encrypted Pdf file features within the user selections for their fax account and create their password. Now, every single fax which comes into your account will be a password enabled PDF, maintaining PHI in HIPAA compliance. All that is needed is a free Adobe reader download in conjunction with the online fax service.

Not only will this help to make the receipt akin to fax more efficient and productive but it will get you one step closer to the ability to integrate the Patient Health Information form along with your digital documents solutions.

What exactly is Protected Health Information? The Privateness Guideline protects all “individually identifiable health information” held or transmitted by the protected entity or its business associate, in all forms or media, no matter whether electronic, paper, or oral. The Privacy Rule calls this information “protected health information (PHI).”12

“Individually recognizable health information” is information, such as demographic information, that correlates to:

the individual’s past, present or future bodily or mental health or condition,

the provision of health care to the individual, or

the past, present, or future payment for the provision of health care to the person,

and also identifies the individual or for which there is a sensible basis to believe it can be used to distinguish the individual.13 Individually identifiable health information includes numerous typical identifiers (e.g., name, address, birth date, Social Security Number).

The Privacy Rule excludes from protected health information employment records that a protected entity maintains in its role being an employer and education and many other records subject to, or defined in, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g.

Because of the challenges associated with receiving HIPAA compliant internet fax, it’s been difficult for the small end user getting many possible inbound faxes coming from many different people to benefit from internet faxing. Having said that, password protected PDF’s incorporated with your online fax solution changes that through providing a solution for small to large end users. Numerous fax service providers are claiming to have a HIPAA compliant fax solution, yet unless they can explain how the image of PHI is not traveling over the public internet, they are incorrect. Go to  for the source on HIPAA compliance.

For more information or how to get your HIPAA complaint fax solution, go to

Work From Home Online How To Target The Right People For Your Site

Most people who market their services on the internet know how important it is to bring in high quantities of visitors, but many don’t understand that this traffic needs to be to a targeted audience who will actually be interested in their products. This is exceptionally important for campaigns like Google’s Adwords, or any traffic that you’ve paid for.

Here you will learn how to maximize your sales by drawing in a more specific crowd interested in your product or services.

1. Know who your target market is, and target each advertising campaign to them. Your main keywords should always define your potential customers. If you use Google AdWords, you need to make your ad specific to your target market. If you’re writing articles to promote your site, they must contain the right keywords for your market.

2. Submit your website to popular search engine directories for categories that fit your particular niche. For example, if you have a website that distributes services or products that are relevant to “work from home online” or “home based work”, make sure you submit your website under these categories. This will make it easier for people who need this particular information to locate your website.

3. Advertise your site to relevant online groups and forums. If you understand your potential customer, you’ll have an easier time figuring out where to find them. Visit relevant online groups or forums where your target customers hang out, and you can subtly advertise to them by putting your URL in your signature. People in forums or groups that relate to your niche are definitely targeted, and there’s a good chance they’ll buy from you.

4. Write keyword-rich articles. The articles you write can get published by lots of different sites, directories and e-zines, so you could end up with thousands of links pointing back to your site. Your articles must contain the top keywords for your niche so that your site will rank high in searches for those words. This brings targeted traffic and potential customers to you.

5. Take advantage of online publications such as e-zines for increased advertising. You may find that publishing an e-zine of your own is the way to go and can help you create your own potential leads. Keep your e-zine updated with current information and make sure that your link is easily spotted on your e-zine. In addition, seek out other e-zines related to your market and advertise there.

6. Create a blog about a subject that relates to your website and has valuable information that people want; Blogger, Squidoo, Hubpages and WordPress all offer free blogging services. Your blog posts should include your keywords as linking anchor text to direct visitors back to your website.

These six tips will help you establish a targeted traffic base for your home based business. With targeted customers, you’ll get a boost in sales and a higher conversion rate.

The Easiest Mlm Home Based Business Can You Say Nuskyway

The easiest MLM home based business was started not by men and women…but by an understanding… an admission if you will.

This understanding was simple…that there are far too many of us out there who ALL WANT THE SAME THING, but who have almost all been let down in our attempts to get it.

Twenty seven million Americans seek to start home based businesses every year. That number is now growing more or less exponentially as the economy softens and as OPEC gets more and more of our dollars out of us!

And as that number leans towards becoming exponential, it seems as if there are fewer and fewer ways for us to find the best ways to work at home. This easiest MLM home based business gets right to the heart of that issue.

Let me be right upfront… there are far too many “loose” home based business opportunities out there. Companies that are willing to sell you the sizzle and NOT the steak. Companies that will very gladly walk away with your sign up fees and your monthly upkeep, and not think twice about the fact that the minute you’ve finished signing up, you are most definitely ON YOUR OWN.

In the most explosive business category on the internet (online gaming) with the most stunning compensation plan ever devised (90% pay outs), delivering the fastest regeneration plan (by writing four checks weekly) and having the most state of the art, up to the minute online marketing tools… the company you are about to meet “gets it.”

They get that we are sick and tired of failing.

They get the fact that there are a TON of us who will not accept failure any longer…because we want and we need a business opportunity to FINALLY, AND I MEAN FINALLY, work.

In the eleven plus years that I have been seeking the planets to line up perfectly, I never really thought they would.

But, wow, when they did, they created one brilliant opportunity!

(To learn how you can PARTNER with my company and find success here even faster, contact us as soon as possible.)

Now, in all honesty, did you ever really think the day would arrive where you would be sitting there staring at the easiest MLM home based business?

Be honest!

School Franchising – Road ahead

Franchising has emerged as a most preferred model for business expansion, as almost every business irrespective of their nature and sphere is opting for it. Franchising is one significant way in which a company can take advantage of India’s vast market and also with low risk factor involved. Till few years back, there were less options in franchise arena, but due to its business advantages entrepreneurs are being propelled to venture into exciting business concepts.

The current decade has witnessed franchising gaining newer heights and especially in the field of education. Operating a business is much safer and easier if done the franchising way. Several brands vouch for this franchise route as it is the most feasible alternative for growth in the volatile Indian marketplace. With introduction of unique concepts, people with interest in education sector are adopting franchise route for expansion.

The increased acceptance of the importance of education and the proven success of education franchising in India has led to a boom in the number of business owners wanting to expand their education brands through franchising. According to a recent survey, India is one of the largest markets for education in the world in terms of the number of students, offering vast franchising opportunities. Currently, out of the 1,200 franchises in the country, 32 per cent are in the education sector. Professional and vocational courses in the fields of aviation, hospitality, retail, etc are also being provided through franchise model. Not only this, Franchising has grown even in the pre-school sector.

The increased consciousness among parents regarding the education of their kids has given a great boost to pre- school education business. Also, the international pre-school brands foraying into India and the up-gradation of Indian brands to provide quality education is another factor contributing to growth of this sector. School Franchising is a proven business model and therefore, it is safe to opt for this business especially in case of new entrepreneurs.

School Franchising comes with a long list of benefits like training, transport, effective promotional material and advertising; everything is taken care by the franchisor. Some also provide books, uniforms, shoes, activity charts, school bags, crayons, diaries, lunch boxes and water bottles to the children. The Franchisor not only shares the brand image, but also the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise with the franchisee.

India is one country that offers various franchise and business opportunities. In today’s competitive world everyone wants to stay ahead in the race of success and for that majority of people have decided to indulge them into business. For cashing the business opportunities and to succeed in this race, franchising undoubtedly emerges as a top choice.

What Are Popular Sports Franchises To Consider For Franchising

Are you wondering how sports franchises are started? There is a wealth of information about franchising on the internet and finding a franchise opportunity is easier than you think. The most important thing is to find a suitable niche that appeals to you and that you follow the franchise agreement and manuals you receive. Sometimes you can begin a sports franchise for as little as $5,000.

Sports franchises come with many exciting bonuses. First of all, the customer base for this type of franchise is usually established and fiercely loyal. The brand name is already associated with quality and performance so you need to do very little work, and a sports franchise requires very little startup cash and investment. Additionally, the franchising business in general is low-risk with only 5% resulting in failure (compared to more than 50% for small businesses). Each franchise can be examined to see which suits you best.

When most people think of a sports business franchise, they think of basketball, baseball, football and hockey logo jerseys, jackets and hats. However, there are also sports-themed businesses to consider. For instance, Snap Fitness is one of the top-producing fitness franchises because their gyms are open 24/7, their employees are knowledgeable and they use the best security surveillance systems to ensure safety. Sports retail franchise, Nevada Bob’s Golf, offers specialty golf products. Future Stars Sports Photography is a training center for sports photography offering great products and customer service.

There will always be a place in America for sports franchises. Locals will always want merchandise and memorabilia for their hometown heroes. Yet in some instances, dream teams or playoff teams entice fans from beyond their borders to buy. According to the Ultimate Standings list, the top ten franchises (in order) are: the Indianapolis Colts, the San Antonio Spurs, the New Orleans Hornets, the Green Bay Packers, the Anaheim Ducks, the Los Angeles Angels, the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Pistons, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Trending Business In The Philippines

What made franchise businesses a popular trend in the Philippines? Franchising is a popular business process which involves making use of another firms successful business model.

Franchising has been practiced in the Philippines for years, according to many business experts, and the only reason why it was only recently that franchise business Philippines became popular is because of its lesser expensive franchising costs.

Popular Business in the Philippines
Franchising had long been practiced in the Philippines before it was widely known across the country. It was because of franchising that many of todays popular establishments, such as McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, 7eleven, and many more were introduced in the country.

However, most Filipinos which were able to acquire a franchise of these businesses are wealthy Filipinos. It was only when smaller franchise business in the Philippines was introduced when franchise businesses had gained a lot of popularity and demand in the Philippine market. A popular example is food-cart and food-stall businesses.

Advantages of Small Franchise Businesses
One reason that made small Franchising business Philippines is because of its lesser expensive cost compared to larger franchise businesses such as convenient stores and fast-food restaurants, while giving its franchisees the same opportunity for profitability.

But other than just its lesser expensive costs, another reason why franchise businesses became popular in the Philippines is because of its simplicity. Compared to larger franchise businesses, food-cart and food-stall businesses can be easily manned by one or two personnel.

Its smaller size makes it easier and more convenient to place this business from one location and move it to another location, which is why many Filipinos chose to start a franchise business rather than to start it from scratch.

But other than the advantage for its franchisees, the popularity of small franchising businesses had also resulted in the significant growth of the Philippine economy.

Contribution of the Franchise Industry in the Philippines
According to the PFA or the Philippine Franchise Association, the growth of the franchise industry of the Philippines had generated hundreds of thousands of jobs, making franchising an important tool in the countrys economic growth.

In addition to that, the growth of the franchise industry also paved the way for Filipinos to introduce their brands and concepts to the International market. It was also because of the growth of the franchise industry that gave Philippines the recognition as the franchise hub of Asia when it comes to the development of franchise concepts.

Restaurant Franchising Opportunities- A Great Investment

If you are planning to start a new business that helps you to open new gateways of profit, food industry is quite a tempting sector that you will surely love to invest in.

If you are planning to start a new business that helps you to open new gateways of profit, food industry is quite a tempting sector that you will surely love to invest in. But before investing, it is necessary to have good knowledge about the food industry and other relevant issues. It is very important to decide well about what type of business is suitable for you. Restaurant franchising opportunities is the best option if you are newbie in the food industry, as it will allow you to explore and enjoy the readymade business.

There are many brand food organizations that offer a wide variety of restaurant franchising opportunities such as fast food centre, health food centre, take away centre and many more. To make things easier and successful for you, this franchisee provides you proper marketing strategy and training help. You will come across many franchising opportunities who hand over different strategies for your business. So before becoming an authorized franchise dealer of any brand, make sure you select the one which you are more interested.

There are basic things which you should consider if you are opting into the business of food industry. It is very important to know before buying any franchisee, the kind of skills you posses to run the business. Restaurant business is the one which you need to work for hours and ensure that all your customers are satisfied. All these skills are essential in order to have both financial and management keeping skills. Another main thing one should do before investing into venture is to do deep research. Ensure that the facilities offered by the franchise offer quick serve restaurants facilities. All this crucial information will help you in leading your business in the market successfully.

The food industry is a big one with various segments and sectors to explore. Hence it is important that you know your choice of restaurant franchising opportunities before taking your step forward in this industry. From fast food, healthy food to multi cuisine restaurants, there are ample of restaurant franchise opportunities waiting for you to explore and invent. It is always suggested that you research and survey about the changing eating habits and trends of people well before deciding on your choice of business in order to enjoy profitable gain.

Another major thing to consider before opting for your choice of restaurant franchising opportunities is that you should know about the budget or fund that you can afford. Different companies require for different values as fee in accordance to the market reputation and recognition.

One major factor that is of utmost importance while running a restaurant for sale is that of consistency. People come back to the same place if they receive same quality of service, if not better, and this consistency of providing quality food and service forms a loyal customer base. If you think that the restaurant business is ideal for you, and then you just need to search in online directories where you will find thousands of restaurant franchising opportunities awaiting you.

Resources: John is the author of this article on franchising opportunities. Find more information, about Quick Serve Restaurants here

Measure Recruitment Efficiency With Hr Hire Balanced Scorecard

Hiring employees is not an easy task. You have to make sure that you are able to hire the employees you need to help boost the performance of your business. As you now, your staff members can hugely contribute to the organization but they can also throw in great expenses on your part. This is why you have to pay attention to the applicants and the entire process of hiring people is done the right way and at the right time. In this case, what you need is an HR hire balanced scorecard. The scorecard will help you monitor the performance of the recruitment process as well as pinpoint the other factors that give way to the success of the said activity.

The selection process is typically the hardest of all in the entire cycle of hiring. This is because there could be a long list of applicants but you may only need a few from them. Of course you will need to take a look at their traits to see whether or not they qualify for the job. Such characteristics may involve educational attainment and job experiences. There are times when most of the candidates are competent so this makes it even harder for the HR department to choose. Screening the applicants is definitely a difficult thing to do if this is the case. Nevertheless, you can use HR hire balanced scorecard to aid you in picking out the best out of the bunch based upon pre-set criteria.

In general, there are four categories that will fit into the balanced scorecard for hiring applicants. Each of these categories has recruiting staff metrics. The first one is about the performance of the staff responsible for hiring additional employees into the business. Metrics that are often used here are the ratio between interview and screening processes, hire-interview ratio, start ratio and diversity of employees hired for the job. The interview-screening ratio will be used to determine how well the person in charge of the interview is able to discern how fit an applicant is. The higher the number here, the better it is for your business. Meanwhile, in the diversity of employees will tell you if there is a good variety in the selection of candidates. For instance, are they all experienced employees or are there also fresh graduates?

The second category is the quality of hiring process. Most common recruiting staff metrics here include the efficiency of the new employees, the excellence of the new hired applicants, retention rate, staffing efficiency rate and organizational capacity, which will highlight the extent to which the hired applicants are able to match the job criteria and requirements. Third is the quantity of hire which often utilize indicators like staffing yield, internal hires, referral hires and accession rate. The accession rate will give you the number of workers that are hired periodically in comparison with the average number of workforce in your business.

Finally, the last is hiring program or strategy efficiency which includes indicators such as management of sources or tools in the hiring process, turnover rate of manager hiring, continuity, excellence in selecting the right employees and strategy efficacy.