Why It is Important to Get an Estate Lawyer to Handle Your Final Affairs

A day may come when a person will need a professional to handle the affairs of his or her estate. Such a situation calls for a lawyer who specializes in estate law and probate law. It is always a sad occasion when a person dies and his or her affairs are not in order. He or she dies in what is known as being intestate. A lot of confusion ensues, and the family ends up fighting the court system or each other. To avoid all of these nasty possibilities, a person needs to consult with an estate and probate attorney as soon as possible.

People who need an estate attorney in Singapore must understand the laws surrounding estate and probate law in the country. The first thing people should concern themselves with is the making and filing of a will. Those who are 21 years of age or older can make their own will, but it might be found invalid and incomplete after the people have died. This would make it difficult for the beneficiaries or survivors to make good on the will. To ensure such a thing will not happen, it is best to get the professional help of an estate lawyer.

When the person’s will is properly in place, whoever the executors will be shall have to apply to the court for a Grant of Probate. The only way for the Grant of Probate to be issued is for the estate duty officer to certify the value of the estate and the amount of the estate duty that is payable, if any. What court will administrate the probate of those who have died depends on the value of their estate.

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