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What’s so Great about Sous Vide Cooking?

Nowadays, you can cook your meals in many different ways. It’s not only through frying and baking that you can cook your food, and there are a lot of other methods of cooking your meals. One way of cooking that you should try is sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a French word which means “under vacuum.” By definition, the food is places inside a vacuum sealed package before you can cook it using the sous vide method. Then you place that package in either a water bath or a steam environment to slowly cook your food. This is really a slow cooking method and sometimes the food cooks for 2 days. Still, cooking using the sous vide method gives you a lot of benefits to enjoy. Below are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you use the sous vide cooking method.

One great thing about the sous vide cooking method is that the meat that you cook will be very, very flavorful. This is because the meat is first placed in a vacuum sealed package. And since it is vacuum packed, none of the meat’s juices will escape while cooking. Other popular methods of cooking, such as frying, grilling, baking, all lose some of the natural juices of your meat while cooking. When you use sous vide method, this will never happen. And this is why the result of sous vide cooking is really flavorful meats.

Another great benefit of using the sous vide method is that it is very simple to do. It is so simple to cook sous vide, that anyone and everyone can do it. We already mention earlier how simple the method is and it just take putting the meat in a vacuum sealed package, and then placing it in a water bath or a steam environment. Then all that’s left to do is wait for your dish to be cooked. Absolutely nothing can go wrong when you are cooking sous vide. If you set a timer, you can even relax and forget about your cooking. So here we see the convenience of using sous vide method of cooking our food.
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If you are a person conscious of the personal and nutritional value of your food, then you will definitely find sous vide cooking a very healthy way of food preparation. When you use other methods of cooking, your food will usually be exposed to really high temperature. If you expose your meat to high temperatures, chances are the nutritional value of your food will be lost through these cooking methods. Sous vide cooking, however, does not expose you to really high temperatures. More nutrients will remain in your food with this method of cooking. So if you want your foods to be very flavorful and very nutritious at the same time, you should cook sous vide!Looking On The Bright Side of Meals